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Parkland Resources B.V.

Parkland Resources B.V., part of Parkland Global Resources Group, is a global investment company with a focus on early oil and gas exploration and production companies.

Founding partners of Parkland Resources are Cees J. de Bruin and Robert J. Champion de Crespigny.


In 1968, Cees de Bruin founded the Indofin Group, which is a globally operating investment group. It is still 100% owned by the De Bruin family. With offices in Geneva, Houston, Paris and Rotterdam, the Indofin Group is actively involved in the provision of private equity and the management of companies in Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia and Asia, through minority and majority participations. The Group has made equity investments in sectors such as shipping and shipbuilding, energy services, technology and media, natural resources, real estate and others. The Indofin Group is involved in a number of direct and indirect oil and gas investments in the USA, Canada, Eastern Europe, The North Sea and Kazakhstan. Please refer to the Indofin Group website for more information on the Group and its investments.

Cees de Bruin and Robert Champion de Crespigny met in Australia late in the 1970s when Cees  was board member and CFO of Heerema and Robert, a predecessor firm of KPMG.

In 1984, Robert put a proposal and business plan to Cees to form what became Normandy Resources NL and, ultimately, Normandy Mining Limited. Cees backed the venture and was actively involved in assisting Robert as a core foundation shareholder and friend. Normandy Mining was founded in  1985 and  built up to  become Australia's largest gold mining group up until its acquisition by Newmont Mining Corporation for approximately US$4,25 billion in 2002.

Meanwhile Cees, together with the Heerema Group, also founded PAN Dutch Petroleum Inc. with assets in both offshore drilling and secondary recovery in the USA through Cordoba Resources of Dallas. Other founding shareholders of Cordoba, Clyde Petroleum and Selection Trust,  were subsequently bought out by PAN Dutch.

Together Cees and Robert invested in a number of oil and gas companies such as Holland Sea Search and Command Petroleum.

To consolidate their joint investments in the oil and gas exploration and production arena, Parkland Resources B.V. was established in 2004 as a joint investment entity to create a focussed investment portfolio in early stage oil and gas exploration and production companies.



Portfolio companies update with respect to Aurelian, Energia Zachód, Kalisz and Cybinka/Torzym

Extracts from an Aurelian Oil & Gas PLC press release dated 24 February 2010 The Avobone companies mentioned in the release are 100 % owned by the Indofin Group. Portfolio companies update with respect to Aurelian, Energia Zachód, Kalisz and Cybink ...

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